Overview of SGA election speeches


Aiden Rood ('23)

The elected officers each had specific ideas that they outlined in their speeches.

The SGA elections ended on Monday, April 19. Devyn Levin (‘22) was chosen as president for the 2021-2022 school year. She was the president of the freshmen class, president of the sophomore class, and vice president of the school. She is involved in many East activities, and views her position as being a privilege more than anything.

The vice-presidents include Gina Liu (‘23), Youbin Park (‘22), Christopher Shin (‘22), and Grant Yoon (‘23).
In her speech, Liu said she will not make promises, since in her mind the actions she will take for the East community will be reflective of what she has done and will do. However, she did vow to bring her initiatives on a schoolwide level.

In his speech, Park promised to be a listener to everyone and acknowledge the concerns of the student voice. He has had experience as a class vice-president and representative. He plans on sending out anonymous google forms which will survey the ideas of the students in order to take action that will enhance East.

In his speech, Shin said he had three main goals, which included showing creative leadership, productive leadership, and a united leadership. Shin mentioned societal issues like the rising of Asian-American hate. He plans on implementing cultural and social changes that may be necessary with the goal to create a comfortable environment for all.

In his speech, Yoon said that he has been involved in SGA since his freshman year; first as a class representative his freshman year and class vice president in his current sophomore year. Yoon mainly focused his speech on the Student Voice Committee, a new committee, which was created in order to amplify the student voice regarding administrative topics like workload, mental health, and communication between students and teachers along with administrators.

Overall, the common goal as clearly depicted in the student speeches, is that the students involved in SGA are willing to ensure that student voices at East are heard.