October Romance Wrap-Up

The month of  October was a wild mix ranging from some sweet small town romances to a reverse harem.

Lauren Winslow ('23)

The month of October was a wild mix ranging from some sweet small town romances to a reverse harem.

While last month I was tearing through books like nothing, I was only able to read 9 books in October. Thank you college applications. And while I may not have read as many books as usual, I feel as though this month I really embodied quality over quantity. 

5/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

I started off strong this month with one of my holy grail authors, Devney Perry. Like I said last month, I am a huge fan of small-town romance and this book certainly hit the spot. First, I read “The Bully”, which features an enemies-to-lover storyline and is the fourth book in the Calamity series. Although Cal, the male main character, may come off as brutish in the beginning, throughout the novel we get to dig deeper into how much he cares for everyone, especially the love interest Nelly. Soon after I finished “The Bully”, “The Brawl” came out, featuring another one of my all-time favorite tropes – single mom. I’ve got to say out of Devney Perry’s entire backlist, “The Brawl” has one of the most interesting plots with the male main character Ronon helping one of the love interest’s students sue her over a bad grade. Plus, we get to swoon over Ronan bonding with Larke’s daughter. The first three books in this series are also great reads and I can’t wait for the sixth to come out. 

5/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

For my next book, I veered away from my beloved small-town romances and decided to read a classic. Or maybe I just had  to read “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen for my English class. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the tension between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. For those who find classic literature daunting,”Pride and Prejudice” is a fairly easy read with many complexities laying under the surface for you to explore.

4/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

Then I decided to take a huge jump away from classic literature and read a reverse harem. You heard that right, a reverse harem- three guys with one girl. If you are thinking to yourself right now that that’s not realistic, I’m here to tell you reading about how much three guys love a girl will change your mind. “Hat Trick Heart”is the debut novel for Ella Markey who certainly hit the mark with this book. Not only is it a reverse harem, but it is also about hockey. I go by the philosophy that three hockey players are better than one. Be on the lookout for the second book in the series coming out in 2023. This book will also be a reverse harem with a twist I can’t wait for-a single-mother heroin. 

4/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

Next, I read “King of Wrath” by Ana Huang, which is the first installment in the Kings of Sin series. While most of Huang’s books follow a similar storyline featuring a billionaire man who hides his emotions but would do anything for his girl, I fall for it every time. In “King of Wrath”, Vivian and Dante are in an arranged marriage, but being forced into a relationship leads to so much more.

5/5 stars

Following this hardcore read, I needed something a little lighter to cheer me up. So I picked up “Bittersweet” by Morgan Elizabeth. She is a fantastic lighthearted rom-com writer who has mastered the art of banter. “Bittersweet” follows the story of two neighbors. One is a baker and the other a tattoo artist, who both conveniently live at the Jersey Shore on the boardwalk. Besides the excellent banter, I loved reading about some staples on the boardwalk. Besides the light-heartedness, I really enjoyed how we were able to delve deep into their individual backstories, and the hint of suspense made for a great read.

4.5/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

 As I’ve said before, I am a die-hard fan of Devney Perry. Another author I read religiously is Meghan Quinn, the queen of light-hearted rom-coms. For anyone who loves the Princess Diaries, “Royally Not Ready” follows the story of an American woman, Lily, who is pulled from her life in Miami and is told she is next in line for the monarchy of a tiny nation. Keller is assigned to teach Lilly all the skills necessary to become a queen. In doing so, there are a lot of fights between the two, but the constant banter and intense feelings ultimately culminate into a beautiful relationship. While at times I wanted to throw my Kindle across the wall because of Keller’s stupidity, his sweet and swoony moments still won me over. 

Following this great read, I was a little disappointed when I read “Mine For Yours” by Harloe Rae. I really thought I

5/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

would love this book because it is a double single-parent small-town romance. However, I felt like a lot of the tension and issues were simply glossed over. As always though. The kids brought some much-needed comedic relief with their attempts at matchmaking. In order for it to be a better read, I needed a little more backstory and more actual conversations between the love interests.

3/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads )

For my last book of the month, I started the Washington Wolves series by Karla Sorensen and read “The Bombshell Effect”. This book is a single-dad football romance where the star quarterback falls in love with the team’s new owner. What’s not to love? Next month, I hope to finish the other two books in the series. 

4/5 stars (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Highlight of the Month: Royally Not Ready

*Always make sure to read trigger, content and age warnings before reading any recommendations. These can typically be found within the first few pages of a book or the author’s website.