Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler star in “Murder Mystery 2”


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“Murder Mystery 2” was released to Netflix on March 31, 2023, and stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

Solving a high-profile murder is no mystery to Nick and Audrey Spitz. Murder Mystery and its sequel, Murder Mystery 2, follow the married couple Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) as they solve high-profile investigations.

At the start of Murder Mystery 2, the couple is introduced with having new jobs. After their initial successful case in the first movie, Nick and Audrey became private detectives and started their own agency. However, the couple is not finding success with their new jobs.

Yet their lives are turned around when, similarly to the original movie, Nick and Audrey are unexpectedly brought to a new destination by someone wealthy. This occurs in Murder Mystery 2 when the pair get a call from their close friend, the Maharaja (Adeel Akhtar), asking if they will attend his wedding. The Maharaja is one of the many people the couple met on their last murder mystery adventure. He is also one of the only survivors along with Nick and Audrey.

Soon after the call, Nick and Audrey accept the invitation and travel to the Maharaja’s private island. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the island, the couple treats themselves to the many gifts the Maharaja offers them.

After receiving lavish treatment on the island, the couple arrives at the grand Indian wedding. The wedding is beautifully decorated and is filled with hundreds of guests. In the crowd of guests Nick and Audrey appear to stand out because of their comedic personalities and American customs.

The wedding is soon drawn to a halt when the Maharaja doesn’t enter. Instead of arriving on his elephant, a man who was killed enters in his place. The crowd is stunned, and Nick and Audrey immediately jump into action.

A famous investigator, Miller (Mark Strong), is introduced in the movie soon after the news of the missing Maharaja spreads. He then partners with Nick and Audrey, who are big fans of his, to solve the case. Later, the three discover that the Maharaja has been abducted, and money is required to save him.

A majority of the movie follows Nick and Audrey as they try to investigate the abduction. Traveling from the private island to Paris, the pair go to extreme lengths to try and save their friend.

Adam Sandler, as Nick Spitz, plays an enjoyable role, and one cannot help but laugh at his numerous scenes. In addition to Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston also plays a comedic role as Audrey Spitz. The two together make the whole movie lighter and more entertaining to watch.

The new Netflix release is a comedic and action-packed movie that is good for many audiences to watch. Murder Mystery 2 takes its viewers on a series of twists and turns that leads the viewers wanting to watch more. Will you be able to solve the mystery? Watch Murder Mystery 2 to find out.