Instagram introduces “Add Yours” sticker feature to Instagram stories


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Instagram’s new “Add Yours” feature allows users to start threads of Instagram story posts relating to a certain prompt.

Just when Instagram users thought that IG stories couldn’t get more interactive, Instagram came out with the new “Add Yours” sticker feature. The Add Yours feature is essentially a way for people to engage with their stories and start or add to a chain of prompts used by hundreds of others by adding their own picture or video responses to a sticker. It has blown up on the worldwide social media platform in the past few months, filling up everyone’s story and becoming the new way to share.

Add Yours began as a test in Japan and Indonesia in early October 2021, but quickly spread to the rest of the world where millions of people began to use it. Many people compared the new feature to TikTok’s duet feature, but Instagram allows you to see up to three hundred other “answers” to the prompts, while TikTok doesn’t show all of the duets from an original video.

It’s simple to use and interact with. All you have to do is go to the add a story feature, click the stickers icon, and find “Add Yours” to create your own prompt. Or, you can stumble across others’ stories with different prompts and add to them. Add Yours gives Instagram users a chance to express a topic or just simply add a picture or video to a simple subject, such as the popular “show your four-legged best friend!”. Add Yours is already blowing up on Instagram, and there is no doubt that it will continue to stay among the top ranks of stickers on Instagram. If you’re having trouble with your instagram reels not working, visit