Hulu’s New Must-Watch Culinary TV Show


Courtesy of Hulu

An advertisement for Hulu’s must-watch: an under-the-radar culinary TV show.

As fears surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have continued to dissipate, film and television have once again started to flourish in the public eye. For example, the year has seen the continuation of many notable series like Stranger Things and Better Call Saul. These series have generated immense hype all over social media and popular culture. While these series deserve the hype, Hulu quietly released a new dramedy, called The Bear. The Bear is an under-the-radar must-watch for those interested in the culinary world. 

The show follows Chef Carmen, played by Jeremy Allen White, as he tries to save his family’s struggling restaurant following the death of his brother. Most of the episodes clock in at about 30 minutes, making it a quick show to binge-watch. Though the episode run times may seem short for a drama, the fast-paced dialogue and editing in the restaurant’s kitchen make for a very captivating and often stressful tone that keeps viewers on edge. 

The main character, Carmen, presents a compelling character study surrounding his struggles with grief, and how his brother’s death impacted his career and personal relationships. Carmen’s struggles provide quiet, reflective moments that work brilliantly when contrasted with the hectic kitchen setting.

Though Carmen’s journey takes the spotlight, the show’s ensemble cast elevates the comedy and drama that add substance and depth to the show. I especially enjoyed watching the characters of Richie and Sydney, played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Ayo Edebiri. Moss-Bachrach’s performance as Carmen’s cousin Richie helped make for many hilarious scenes, as well as a gripping tension with Carmen over how the restaurant should be run. Edebiri’s performance as newly hired Chef Sydney also added tension to the show because of her unwillingness to follow direct orders.

In addition to admiring the well-written characters, it was fascinating watching the show build up small details and pace itself perfectly. Without spoiling too much, the problems and conflicts facing each of the characters boil over during the show’s penultimate seventh episode. It was extremely engaging watching everything come together in such a horrific catastrophe for the kitchen staff.

In addition to outstanding performances, the show features quick, punchy dialogue that makes for excellent conflict and comedy depending on what is needed in an individual scene.

The show’s focus on food also helped to create beautiful visuals. Each episode displays the process of making various mouthwatering dishes that will have viewers yearning to cross over into the show’s universe. The authenticity and realism the showrunners and actors utilized played a large role in the show’s brilliance. Many of the show’s actors spent time in real-world restaurants, learning various techniques and immersing themselves in their roles. The subtleties the actors picked up from working in restaurants helped create an even richer world and viewing experience. 

The show has already renewed for a second season, and I trust that the show’s cast and crew will continue to deliver a high-quality, realistic, and engaging series.