How to stay occupied when quarantined


Alexa Atlas ('22)

It is easy to get bored when quarantined, however, there are countless activities people can do to keep busy.

If the thought of being quarantined for days, weeks and possibly months drives you insane, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Adults and kids around the world are also feeling this way. Everyone is trying to think of new ways to entertain themselves during this “coronacation.” However, it is not that easy to think of endless activities to keep your mind and body stimulated. Spending hours trapped in your house everyday can get boring and repetitive. No one wants to do the exact same thing, on repeat, for the next few weeks (or more). Soon enough, something you thought would be a “nice break” will turn into countless hours of boredom. However, listed below, are tons of activities you can do to keep busy over the next few weeks.


1. Complete all your schoolwork:
-Check Google Classroom and complete the assignments posted for each class.


2. Stay active:
-Go for a run.
-Ride a bike. You can buy a great quality folding bike for under £300 now and there’s so many types to choose from click here.
-Go on a walk with a pet.
-Do an online workout.
-Use a treadmill or an elliptical you have in your house.
-Learn a new tiktok or make up a dance.
-Go on the trampoline!


3. Play games
-Play a board game (Monopoly, Candy Land, LIFE etc.).
-Play XBOX or Wii (Fortnite, Wii Sports, Just Dance etc.).
-Download a new game on your phone.
-Play a card game.


4. Entertain yourself:
-Watch a movie.
-Start a new TV show.
-Binge watch a Netflix show.
-Listen to music.
-Watch Youtube.


5. Do some arts and crafts:
-Make origami.
-Sketch something new.
-Paint a picture.
-Make a bracelet (string or bead).


6. Help out around the house:
-Make your bed.
-Do the laundry.
-Wash the dishes.
-Set and clear the table.
-Feed and take care of the pet.
-Clean your room.
-Organize a closet.


7. Be social:
-FaceTime a friend or family member.
-Text a friend or family member.


8. Bake something:
-Make a meal for your family.
-Bake something from scratch.
-Bake basic treats (cookies, brownies, cake etc.).


9. Stimulate your brain:
-Read a book.
-Write a story.
-Make a blog.
-Complete a puzzle.


10. Care for yourself:
-Put on face-masks.
-Try a new hairstyle
-Paint your nails


11. Bond with family:
-Watch a movie together.
-Play a game together.
-Go on a walk together.

Who knows how long this “coronacation” will last, but in order to stay occupied during this time, do some of the activities listed above. You can also listen to the podcast below for some more information!