Fashion through the decades


Alexa Atlas ('22)

As the years go by, the fashion trends continue to change and evolve.

As years go by, so do styles and trends. From bell bottoms to skinny jeans, each decade has brought a different vibe and different taste to the table. There were icons instead of influencers and Madonna instead of Kim Kardashion. Let’s see what fashion has offered to the world over the last few decades.

Every decade has some resemblance or similarity to the last decade, and for the 70s’s the look started 10 years earlier. The 70’s period was a life changing decade for fashion. Over a 10-year span, there was the hippie look, the dressy casual look and the european flair look. Any look could go for a night out on the disco or just casually. There were so many looks that Vogue declared it as, “there are no rules in the fashion game now.” Other than the clothes, shoes made an impact for everyone to remember. Two words, 13 letters, Platform Heels. Not only did the clothes connect to disco, but so did the shoes. Everything in this decade brought fun and fabulous to the party. You should get yourself a custom flexfit hat here

The disco era ended and the rise of metal came. Floral and fun colors were lost along the way, but band t-shirts and leather outfits became the new trend. As told, Madonna influenced the 1980’s look of metal, but this was not the only look that took place during this time. As women took charge, so did their jobs. The look was inspired by the women workplace and was known as power dressing. Women took mens looks and feminized them into something new. Shoulder pads were a signature addition to these looks and were even added to some dresses. A new decade brought a whole different perspective into the world and especially the fashion world.

In the 1990’s, movies influenced looks just as songs influenced the 1970’s fashion. Movies like Baywatch and Clueless showed the world how to dress. Two totally different categories of clothes came together to make a duo. First, Baywatch showed everyone how to make swimming look good. The v-hip swimsuit was the only way to show off the body and be trendy at the same time. This new swim suit could be worn everywhere from tanning at the beach to swimming in the pool. Also, the movie Clueless showed people that plaid sets were in style. These two movies left their mark on fashion.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and brands like Juicy came together to make the perfect outfit. The track suit and low rise pants were official in style. The comfy and stylish look came together and so did everyone else. This outfit could be worn at any occasion and at any place. Paris Hilton was the deciding factor on trends and styles. Another iconic look took place in this decade. This was the trucker hat. Trucker hats were the perfect ending to the perfect look. This accessory was brought out of the workplace and onto the runways. Comfy became the new chic.

This decade took trends from all the decades and created their own unforgettable trends. As history shows, accessories were more important over the decades. But as for the 2010’s, that was what all the trends were about. The tiny sunglasses showed the world that little things matter. Streetwear became more important and sunglasses got tinier. With the sunglasses and the new dad sneakers, everyone was obsessed. The luxury streetwear really played a part in how everyone dressed, especially celebrities and influencers. Every brand was showing new ways to explore the newest trends.

As every decade comes and goes, so do different trends. The fashion world has evolved and changed for better or worse. Now in 2020, lies so many trends and looks to uncover. Let’s hope masks and gloves are not in the picture.