“Dog Gone” shares the heartwarming story of a boy and his dog


Courtesy of Netflix

“Dog Gone” is a Netflix original movie that details a boy’s journey to finding his lost dog.

The latest book to movie released by Netflix, “Dog Gone,” follows a true story about a family, the Marshalls, finding their lost dog, Gonker.

Fielding (Johnny Berchtold) adopted Gonker when he was just a puppy, at the start of his senior year of high school. When it comes time for him to graduate, he does not know what to do with his life, so he goes back to his parents’ house to figure out what he wants. Upon returning home, Fielding’s family shows reluctance to having Gonker around, but they eventually warm up to him.

One day when Fielding’s mom, Ginny (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), comes back from running errands, Gonker is not his usual self and does not want to play or eat scraps of food–he did not even eat his dinner from the night before. They rush him to the vet where they find out that he has had Addison’s Disease since he was adopted. He recovered the night after contracting the disease and luckily only needs a shot every thirty days to prevent it from worsening.

While Fielding is on a trail with his friend, Nate (Nick Peine), they talk about how his Fielding’s shows disappointment in him for not knowing what to do since he graduated college. As a distraction from the gloomy mood, Nate tells Gonker to chase down a fox. The two boys return to talking and notice that Gonker has not come back from hunting the fox.

Fielding spends the rest of the day searching for his dog until it gets dark and then returns back home in a panicked state telling his parents about Gonker’s disappearance. The next morning, both Ginny and John (Rob Lowe) are set up for a wide scale search. Ginny stays home handling the phone lines and public media while John and Fielding embark on the trail where Gonker could have fled. The two of them clash during the search because of their different views on life and lifestyle in general.

Throughout the journey, Fielding suffers from ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the large intestine, but chooses to neglect it because he is determined to find his dog that could die if not given his medication at the right time. In the end, they find a tired Gonker 111 miles away at a green, and they give him his medication. When the three of them return home, Fielding faints and has surgery performed on him to remove the inflammation. The Marshalls are now able to continue living with a happy and healthy son and dog.

The movie deals with finding oneself despite what other people think and persevering through tough times. Fielding’s determination to find his dog stems from him being the only one who accepts him. Along with his parents, mostly his dad, there is a new understanding of where Fielding comes, and he is accepted for who he is.

“Dog Gone” is an overall heartwarming story about a boy who finds himself in a desperate search with his father for his dog. The movie is a great watch for families. The actors played their roles well, and the dog is adorable which is always a bonus.