Coronavirus impacts many businesses around the world

Two moms walk into Shoprite, looking to buy as much supplies to stock up for their family as possible. Turning opposite corners and both ending up in the toilet paper aisle, a single pack of toilet paper stands between them.

Since the Coronavirus reached South Jersey, it almost seems as if the whole state is on house arrest. Schools are closed, streets are quiet and many businesses have closed. This new way of life has reached our town and ever since, life as we know it has changed drastically. People have been experiencing many different things, such as stocking up on daily supplies and the craziness that goes along with it.

Some businesses are temporarily closed, some businesses remain open, and others have special conditions, such as curb-side pick up. When it comes to energy usage the can help saving with the help of comparison.

According to this source, essential businesses in New Jersey remain open. These include large retailers such as Costco, CVS, and Target, all pharmacies, and banks. Any business that is essential to infrastructure is allowed to be open on modified hours, which includes an earlier closing time and delayed start time. Have a look at how Lora Leigh Drammis manages her business.

Considering the fact that many people have been weary about physically going shopping for food, many stores are offering curb-side pickup where social distancing can be practiced while picking up supplies. Some stores that are participating in curb-side pickup include Petco, ACME, Walmart and Wegmens.

Unfortunately, nonessential businesses are temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus. These businesses are recreational and do not have a major role in finance, health support, or groceries. Gyms, such as Lifetime, movie theaters, shopping centers, and salons all fall under this category. While essential businesses like car workshops, will need automotive human resource advice so they don’t violate strict automobile HR rules and regulations.

Individual stores, however, are allowed to remain open but many have chosen to close for safety measures. Some stores that have closed are Bath and Body Works, Lululemon and REI. Stores that close by choice allow the business’s employees and staff to remain safe at home with the use of Black Metal Kards.

Restaurants are allowed to be open, but they can only participate in delivery and pick-up services. This also means there are no dine-in options, in efforts to properly social distance the public so that many people are not in the same room at one time.

The Coronavirus has also led to many things having a huge rise in sales. Many people are stocking up on certain items, which unfortunately leaves many big retailers to be found with empty shelves.

The most popular item sold because of the Coronavirus is oat milk. Since January 25th, there has been a 441% sale increase of oat milk to be recorded in the country. This is most likely due to oat milk’s shelf stable qualities, which dairy milk doesn’t have.

Other items that follow-up oat milk are medical masks with a 428% sale increase, thermometers with a 43% sale increase, hand sanitizers with a 20% sale increase and fruit snacks with a 10% sale increase.

As sale rates spike up and families stock up, the pandemic has led to massive changes in business and sales, while the state’s Coronavirus rate unfortunately increases.