Cherry Hill East will hold a Junior Prom outdoors


Courtesy of the USI Shield

Cherry Hill East plans a junior prom with restrictions to ensure the safety of the students.

That time of the year that all juniors and seniors look forward to is quickly approaching: prom. Purchasing dresses, hemming tuxes, and planning out dates is all part of the long-awaited fun. However, after the extreme effects of COVID-19, high-schoolers all across the nation have been left in the dark as to whether or not prom was still possible. Was prom, once again, out of the equation? Regardless of the specifics, prom is a part of the high school experience and should be enjoyed and celebrated by all students.

Fortunately, juniors at East can get excited to attend prom on Saturday, May 22nd from 6:00-10:00 P.M. at the Flying W in Medford, NJ with a rain date on Sunday, May 23rd.

Coordinating prom requires an immense amount of planning, especially this year as there are numerous other factors that have to be considered, one of them being COVID-19 precautions. The overall theme of junior prom surrounds airports and airplanes in relation to the venue. In order to keep all students safe and socially distanced during the entirety of the event, both SGA and advisors worked extremely hard to ensure this event took place.

“Our main concern is that everyone is safe, so we wanted to choose a location that was outside and that was large enough for students to spread out. We’re also going to have two DJ’s to avoid a big buildup of students in one place,” said SGA advisor Mrs. Sassinsky.

Through these methods, all students will be able to properly maintain social distancing and abide by COVID-19 guidelines. All attendees are also required to wear masks at all times. Food will also be provided, but carried out in a new way. Mrs. Sassinsky said, “We are having food trucks so that the food is individually prepared and handed directly to students. We also have snacks available that will be distributed to students, and all of this is included in the ticket price.” This way, all students will be able to enjoy food while avoiding contamination.

Through the planning process, there were several ideas that were introduced but not carried out, particularly the venue. “At first, we were thinking about having it on the turf at East, but decided it would be more fun to have it somewhere new,” said Scout Pullano (‘22), junior class president. The Lucien Manor was also presented as a possible location, but was then dismissed after advisors brought up the Flying W as an option, which is outdoors. Planning prom is not easy. SGA members and advisors worked collaboratively to ensure that they were carrying out the wishes of the junior class, including the numerous opinions and ideas they received.

Pullano said, “We were all on board with wanting to have a formal prom. But as much as I want to make everyone happy, that’s where playing it safe comes in as we want to make everyone comfortable too.” Regardless of the restrictions that this year’s prom may have, SGA remains optimistic that it will be a successful event.

In just a week, juniors can expect to attend a prom that is bursting with entertainment and excitement in ways that have never been done before. “I think that all SGA members, advisors, and Mr. Davis have been challenged to think outside the box. It’s going to be a very different event, but it’s still going to be memorable- maybe even more memorable than an ordinary prom,” said Mrs. Sassinsky. So get your tickets, gather your friends, and get excited to attend a junior prom that has numerous elements of surprise awaiting.