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Begun reviews Olivia Rodrigo’s album “Guts”

Courtesy of Rolling Stone
Rodrigo’s sophomore album “Guts” has stirred up lots of popularity and is winning awards already.

Olivia Rodrigo, the teenage sensation who blew up the music industry with the release of her debut album “Sour,” returns with her sophomore album “Guts,” which has already begun to climb to top spots on the charts.

Announced back in June, her sophomore album quickly rose to popularity prior to even being released. Clips of songs on the album were roaming around TikTok and Reddit, giving fans an inside look at the album before its release. The anticipation for “Guts” reached a fever pitch as fans began analyzing the songs and sharing them all over social media. Many fans online have come to the consensus that Rodrigo managed to capture the feeling of being a teenager, and put it all into a carefully crafted album, reflecting the realities many live on a daily basis.

This album showcases the epitome of teenage heartbreak, showing the evolution of personal growth, love, and forgiveness, or in some cases, revenge. “Guts” is an exploration of the rollercoaster of emotions that teenagers go through as the years go by. Rodrigo emphasizes this with her lyricism explaining the challenges growing up can lead to, and what some might encounter along the way. Through her words, she makes heartbreak seem like a remarkable thing to go through, and love to be something worth having. Each song on the album captures a different aspect of life, representing the highs and lows of not only relationships, but also oneself.

Rodrigo’s “Guts” tracks taking 4 out of 5 spots on the “Top Songs USA” chart on Spotify. (Sarah Begun (’26))

According to an article in “The Guardian,” “Olivia Rodrigo: Guts review – dramatic dispatches from the dark side of youth” by Alexis Petridis, “[‘Guts’] broke sales records, won Grammys and made her the solitary new artist in the last two years admitted to pop’s rarefied upper echelons, the multi-platinum realm of Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, where albums don’t just sell on release, they keep on doing so for years: Guts is being launched into a Top 20 that Sour has yet to vacate.”

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Critics are showering praise on “Guts.” Many have commended her songwriting abilities, noting the maturity and complexity of her songs, which give a real and accessible take on the ups and downs of teenage years. They have also praised her ability to merge numerous musical styles flawlessly, producing a sound that is both modern and timeless. Critics have praised the album’s emotional sincerity, applauding Rodrigo for being willing to handle topics with an openness that appeals to a wide audience. Overall, critics agree that “Guts” cements Rodrigo’s status as an upcoming sensation in the music industry, and the album is viewed as a big step forward in her career.

“Guts” is a tribute to the power of music that connects with listeners on a very personal level, making loss feel tragic and love genuinely worth celebrating. As Rodrigo continues to make her imprint in the business, she encourages us to relive the stormy path of our teenage years with “Guts,” and in doing so, she has inscribed her place in the archives of musical greatness.

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Sarah Begun, Eastside Online Sports Editor
Sarah Begun is a sophomore and the Online Sports Editor for Eastside. Outside of Eastside, she loves hanging out with friends, playing lacrosse, and watching her favorite TV shows. Sarah's excited for this year and can't wait to work with everyone!

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