Artificial intelligence plays a large role in many industries


Vivian Rong ('23)

AI is seen in many different industries.

With the rise of ChatGPT has come the question many have been asking for a long time: what is the role of artificial intelligence in the world? Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has already had a large impact on many industries in the world today. Though ChatGPT has certainly turned heads towards the topic of artificial intelligence, it is joining a group of different uses for AI that have already made changes, for better or worse.

For example, a large part of modern healthcare has been revolutionized using artificial intelligence. Some uses of AI in healthcare include the identification of patterns in patients with the help of data mining, access to a more accurate system of diagnosing patients and being able to have a closer look at newer ways to treat certain medical conditions in patients. In this case, artificial intelligence and technology have helped the field of healthcare be able to accomplish more than it would without the use of AI. In fact, more positive uses of AI in the field are involved in scanning and imaging to examine patients, a novel system of managing and organizing medications, and a new form of surgery that combines robotics and healthcare.

Another industry that has seen the impacts of artificial intelligence is the travel industry. In that industry, chatbots are taking users by storm. Chatbots are enabled using artificial intelligence and are able to provide an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of improvements in customer service. Something artificial intelligence has that humans do not is the constant ability to be awake and present. Chatbots used by the travel industry are able to be with customers throughout the day and provide them with service. These chatbots are able to run as a result of new technology and more advanced AI algorithms. This allows the chatbots to have efficient actions that are used to improve the way the travel industry operates. Due to the new technology that is being used by these chatbots, they are also able to give specific answers to customers’ questions.

The food industry has also seen improvements due to AI. Multiple food-tech companies are coming to the surface of the food industry and catching the attention of competitors. One food-tech company, Hi Arya, has now developed a robot for the home or office workspace that can make tea using any recipe given to it, whether a recipe passed down from past generations or from the machine’s built-in menu of teas.

Although it seems new, AI has had a place in the world for many years; now, ChatGPT joins multiple industries that have seen impacts from this modern technology.