Apple releases the iPhone 14 with exciting features


Courtesy of Apple

The new iPhone has been released in five colors.

Apple has once again caused a stir with the new iPhone 14 that has just been released on September 16th. Boasting innovative features and softwares, this new smartphone has everyone lining up to buy it. But is it worth it?

Apple organizes its Special Events, at which new products are announced, every September. At this year’s Apple Far Out event on September 7th, the new iPhone 14 was unveiled. Pre-orders began two days after the announcement, and an astounding 90 million orders were placed. Customers appear to have been drawn in from the start by the new features.

This brand-new iPhone has many new features that set it apart from previous models. Starting with the composition, this iPhone has a ceramic shield, which is supposedly tougher than any smartphone glass. This makes it more durable and more resistant to cracking. The rims are also made with stainless steel which keeps it looking new. The new phone comes in four sleek colors: deep purple, gold, silver, and space black.

Once you unlock the iPhone, there is even more to discover inside. The iPhone 14 comes with a new feature called the ‘Dynamic Island’. It is essentially a long bubble-shaped bar at the top of the screen at all times. Once you click it, it pops up with music, sports scores, your most used apps, and even more. This new component is similar to a Siri, which makes it much simpler for people to access what they need quickly. The camera zooms in up to 4 times, and it accompanies an advanced quad-pixel sensor to provide the clearest picture.

iPhone 14 comes with a number of enhancements that have been made since the last model was released. Instead of tapping your screen to look at the time, this display is always on when the phone is face-up, and the battery is conserved while this happens. The battery life lasts all day long, so nobody has to worry about charging it throughout the day. The display can go up to twice as bright in the light so that it is easier to use your phone on a sunny day.

The iPhone 14 is also equipped with a variety of safety features. It offers connectivity to satellites, so that you can text instantly, even if you don’t have WiFi or service. The iPhone also comes with a new technology that is able to detect when the user has gotten into a car crash. When the iPhone detects this, it will notify the user (to make sure it isn’t a false alarm). If the user fails to respond to the alert within a certain amount of time, the phone will automatically call emergency services.

Many people have already bought the iPhone 14, and the masses seem to be very impressed with what they see. Users are most pleased with the battery life, safety features, and brightness. The only overwhelming criticism people have so far is the fact that the iPhone 14 costs almost $1,400. However, as many know, the high price is to be expected if you are looking to buy any Apple product.

Based on what has been announced with the iPhone 14 so far, it definitely seems to be worth the price. Apple has been truly impressive by introducing so many new features and through catering to the customers’ needs so well. If you have nothing planned for the weekend, take a trip to the closest Apple store and check the new iPhone 14 out!