“Amsterdam” is released with a star-studded cast


Courtesy of imdb.com

The new movie, “Amsterdam,” was released to theaters on October 7.

The new movie, “Amsterdam,” written, directed, and produced by David O. Russell was released in theaters on October 7th.

“Amsterdam” is a thriller comedy movie and has received major publicity and attention due to its famous cast. Some of the most notable cast members are Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and John David Washington. Taylor Swift also made a small appearance in the beginning of the movie. Due to the high-quality cast, the acting was amazing and made the movie all the more believable.

The movie takes place in New York in 1993. It started off rather slow, but as the movie progressed, it got chaotic quickly. There was mystery and intrigue throughout the entire movie, and the whole plot revolved around trying to discover who killed Meekin, the man who was the father of Swift’s character.

The three main characters played a lawyer, a doctor, and a woman from a prominent family. They all worked together to discover the truth behind who killed Meekin and why. While trying to discover the truth, they were framed for murder. The group had people constantly out to get them so that they wouldn’t discover the truth about the murder.

The movie also included flashbacks to give background about how the main characters met, and in the flashbacks, the viewers get to see a love story unfold.

The three main characters all met in the army in Amsterdam, and that is where they became best friends. They bonded over the fact that what they were doing was dangerous, and they could die anyday, but they continued anyway because they wanted to help protect and defend the people. After the war, the three best friends stayed in Amsterdam for a while and just enjoyed life.

However, the friends had to leave Amsterdam and get back to their real lives which was a poor choice because it got them involved in many dangerous situations. However, in the end, they discovered the mystery and exposed the truth because they wanted to stand up for their country and ensure justice for those who were wronged.

The flashbacks included some disturbing graphics of war wounds and blood, and it added some black and white scenes which gave viewers a better idea of the time period.

The movie was filled with inspiring messages about truly living life to the fullest and many other life messages. Another message was the concept of knowing the difference between wanting and needing someone. It was the idea that the person you love should be someone you choose to love, not someone you need, and this was embedded throughout the movie. In the ending, the characters finally understood that message.

People who like mystery, intrigue, and old-time period movies would enjoy watching this movie. While many are hesitant about this movie because at times it was confusing and slow, many others greatly enjoyed “Amsterdam.” The movie had many great life lessons, and the acting truly made it stand out.