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Amazon Prime’s “Totally Killer” portrays “Scream” in a modern light

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“Totally Killer” was released to Amazon Prime Video on October 6, 2023.

A mix of “Scream” and “Back to the Future” presents itself to Prime Video with the new movie starring Kiernan Shipka and Olivia Holt, “Totally Killer.” This movie takes the horror movie as well as time travel aspect to create a humorous, suspenseful film that will leave one feeling shocked at each next move.

Jamie, played by Shipka, lives her life in 2023 with her mom and dad, Pam and Blake Hughes, played by Julie Bowen and Lochlyn Munro. Her parents, Pam and Blake, live in a constant state of fear and protection over their daughter because of the “Sweet 16 Killer,” who killed three of their friends when they were sixteen back in 1987.

Thirty-three years later, this infamous killer comes back to kill his final victim of the friend group “The Molly’s,” Pam. Jamie is devastated with this news, but things take a turn when the killer comes to attack her and stabs his knife into her best friend Amelia’s time machine, taking Jamie back to 1987.

Jamie is shocked to see how her mom’s sweet and delicate personality is more shallow and brutal back in time. She has the pressure of stopping each killing from happening, while also trying to take on the mystery of finding out who the killer is. Amelia’s mom, the one with the original idea of the time machine, helps Jamie along the way and is the only one to believe her time travel story.

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Jamie sticks alongside her mom’s harsh friend group who aren’t very concerned with the fact there is a killer wandering their town. Overtime, they become more affected with the killer’s presence and come closer together to try to take him down and protect each other.

Jamie and Pam’s relationship starts off rocky, but overtime, even though Pam doesn’t know that she is Jamie’s mom, she knows that they have a connection and they start to grow closer. Jamie manages to figure out with the help of her teenage dad, mom, and their friends who the killer was. The mystery doesn’t end, however, because just like the movie “Scream”, there isn’t just one killer, there’s two. Both killers work separately and are revealed at different times, but they both are extremely unexpected and leave a feeling of shock for the viewer. The one person in both time periods that would be the least suspected, might be the one really hiding behind their mask.

The new movie “Totally Killer” certainly doesn’t disappoint, containing the different themes people long for in a movie, such as love, humor, horror, and a lot of mystery.

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