2022 Spring Fashion Trends


Jacy Dickstein ('22)

There are many new and popular fashion trends this spring that people should not miss out on.

The beautiful thing about fashion is it is subjective. In the fast-paced world of consumerism, designers hope to establish clothing trends that tell a story with their look, attracting an audience of buyers that see the look as wearable or the perfect statement piece. For this reason, it’s easy to miss shifts in the fashion industry where a look goes from totally hot, to totally not. This article will list the hottest fashion trends for the 2022 Spring season. I began to set the groundwork for my list through analyzing Pinterest boards and taking note of similarities in material, color, and the look’s inspiration as a whole. After identifying early trends through Pinterest I began to investigate with the help of the ever-so loyal–Google.

Thin mesh tops: Right now, mesh is super big in the fast-fashion industry. Bold prints and ‘90s inspired marble on these see-through shirts pair really well with jeans or even a matching mesh set of pants. Oftentimes these shirts have rips down the middle or abstract dots to further strengthen the trend’s connection to Y2K fashion.

Stitch detailing: Along with thin mesh tops, stitch detailing is coming back into style mimicking ‘90s throwback tops. The line of stitch detailing catches one’s eye and presents an unfinished, edgy staple piece tying the look together. This trend often seams together different fabrics or colors of the same material with visible string.

Corset top: An easy-to love trend is the corset top phenomenon. These tops flatter the body in that they cinch the waist and give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Corset tops can be dressed up or down depending on the style of the top and the way you incorporate the corset. Personally, I think these types of clothing trends will be big in the industry for an extended period of time due to the layering abilities of the corset.

Leather jackets: Delta Sigma Theta leather jacket and business casual blazers get styled overtop of crop tops and jeans/long pants. They are the perfect way to elevate a look whether the inspiration is chic, earthy, or neutral for a dinner, or a bright pop of color for a daytime stroll around the city.

Matching sets: Matching sets are a lazy girl’s guide to achieving that “clean girl aesthetic” trending all over social media. Despite these looks being on the more comfortable size of fashion, they help make someone look put together and cohesive in manner. Some popular styles of these include a matching shorts and bottom-down top duo, sweatpants and sweatshirt set, tube top and sweatpants, or shorts and crop top.

Towel clothing: Another big trend has been towel material. The appeal to these clothes is the fuzzy, textured, and stretchy fabric. This trend is a tribute to the beach and summertime.
Knitted/Crochet clothing: Similar to towel clothing is knitted clothing. Also playing off of beach and summer vibes is knit clothing. These give the same effect as a beach cover-up and look best over top of a bath suit if see-through. Other versions of knitted clothing are more full coverage and are made as going out clothes, omitting the need for a bathing suit underneath. Accessorized with a merino wool beanie Australia or colored-lense glasses make the perfect spring/summer look.

Highly saturated colors: Instead of the typical spring pastels emerging around Easter this year, we see a shift in the fashion world. Colors are geared more towards deep saturated hues as opposed to the bright and pale shades of purple, pink, green, yellow, and orange. This year we see more sleek-styled versions of these bold, almost neon shades. These colors in trousers, straight-leg pants, dresses, and crop tops can be found all over Pinterest and popular clothing company websites like Zara, H&M, Princess Polly, and We Are Roar.