Writer shares her opinion on guns in schools

Jenna Myers, Eastside Opinions Editor

With the controversy of whether guns should or should not be legal United States, the question as to whether teachers should or should not be armed with guns has come up. Since the Sandy Hook incident, there have been 74 school shootings in the United States alone. With these statistics, it makes more sense that teachers should be allowed to have guns with them to protect their students.

First off, the teachers should not be holding the guns with them, however our security services should have a gun with them and they should be guarding all of the entrances at the school. The guns given to the teachers should be locked away so no student has access to it. Before the guns are handed to and locked away with the teachers, it should be mandatory that the teachers are deemed reliable.

There should be tests given to the teachers to make sure that they have no mental illness that could cause them to become violent. Teachers should also be trained on how to use the guns so if there ever were a shooting at East, the teachers would be prepared and not randomly shoot.

Bulletproof blankets have also been a popular item recently because they protect the backs of people when they go on the ground to prevent getting shot. In case of any school shootings, schools should also have these blankets to make sure that the students would be safer.

Although this topic—and having guns in general—is extremely debatable, it would be safer for teachers to have guns in class. It would prevent fewer deaths in school shootings while they become more frequent in society. It should also be mandatory that each classroom has enough bulletproof blankets to make sure that the students are safe from any attacks. These are necessary precautions that should be taken in light of the recent school shootings.