Why I chose hybrid learning


Courtesy of WPVI-TV

Cherry Hill School District students returned to school on November 17th.

The average teen shouldn’t sit in front of a screen for longer than three hours a day. Online school has been a big change for many kids all around the world. In my opinion, kids have never spent more time on their phones and computers than right now. Kids spend up to 4 hours a day of screen time sitting in front of their computers doing google meets. That doesn’t even include homework or free time. Teenagers don’t get much time to interact with each other and most people feel trapped in their workspace.

I personally plan on going back to school on November 9th for many reasons. I need more social interaction and now that my fall sport is ending I wouldn’t really have a reason to leave the house. I need to be with kids my age and have a teacher available to explain things to me in person. Also, I need to move from the small space in my house and have the option of going back and trying to be part of the new normal. Going back to school wasn’t an easy decision. Of course, there are still going to be problems with it, but I feel that in my opinion, it’s the right decision.

Either way, with what’s going on right now you need to choose what seems right for you. I chose hybrid because I don’t think I’m getting the best education I can with online school. Many people don’t feel pushed or even noticed in this virtual school and it can be hard, especially because I’m a ninth grader who has not gotten to experience high school yet and has hardly even gone into the building. It can be a hard choice but choose what seems right for you. Whether you stay online or go hybrid, this school year will still be different than any other year.

Another big thing to look at is the safety precautions that the school will be taking. The hybrid schedule school will be socially distanced and everyone in the building will be wearing masks. It’s positive for safety and health, but it can be negative for people doing sports who won’t get to eat or drink as much in the day as they should. No matter what you choose you should feel safe and somewhat enjoy learning. Teachers and students both know this year will be a hard one whether you do online or hybrid. So whichever you end up choosing, know that it’s not permanent and hopefully one day we can all be in the building together. As of now, hybrid learning is our best option for getting as close to normal as we can while still being aware of this pandemic.