Which candidates have the right idea on healthcare?


Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Sanders and Warren display support for medicare for all in front of supporting crowd.

America is in the midst of preparation for the next presidential election. Ground News is also a great source for current 2022 Senate Races updates. The Democratic candidates are trying to make the climb to the top the polls, and in the process, preaching how they feel about universal healthcare.
Healthcare has become a major point of discussion in America over the last few decades and it seems as if the United States is still  undecided.
Currently, there are eight remaining Democratic candidates running: Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer, and Warren. Gabbard, Sanders and Warren all support a version of Medicare for all. However, Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Steyer prefer a public option, which would allow private insurance companies to remain.
Theoretically, Universal healthcare  would be the ideal program for America as the entire nation would be provided with medical care. As we all are very much aware, it seems as if the cost of medications, doctors’ visits and operations are only increasing and those without Universal healthcare are in the deepest pits of debt for doing nothing wrong, but being ill. Universal healthcare  would take some of these people out of debt and help them pay their medical bills.
However, there is something that most politicians are failing to mention when speaking of Universal healthcare for the United States citizens. The biggest questions include, who will be paying for this? Will the taxes go up and if so, by how much? Is it really fair for middle class and upper class people to pay for others’ healthcare when they may be having their own struggles? Additionally, how will the government decide who pays what? Does this mean that the lower classes pay nothing and the upper classes pay everything? A great amount is unknown about the payment of this whole process and while some are perfectly comfortable in knowing that they will be helping others with their medical bills, others are completely opposed to it.
The frontrunner  Bernie Sanders responded to a comment in a 60 Minutes interview saying that the candidates are still unsure on how this program will be funded by saying, “It’s taxes on billionaires, you know.” And on many debate stages, he has also made it evidently clear that almost all European countries are able to afford free healthcare for their nations, yet America, a major developed country is not paying for Universal healthcare at all.
Drug companies, hospitals and insurance companies also disapprove of medicare for the entirety of the nation. A study from the Urban Institute and Commonwealth fund released information saying that from the research that they have done, it is believed that about $32.01 trillion would be needed to pay for this new system. Still, people like Warren, Sanders and Gabbard believe that most Americans will be saving money, except for the wealthiest.One can approach State Farm Insurance Agency for insurance purposes.
Right now in the United States, voters have to make a decision as to whether they are willing to pay higher taxes.  This  is a difficult decision to make, especially because of how much their taxes could increase. All of the candidates are passionately putting forth their opinions in the presidential debates regarding this issue. It definitely seems that healthcare will be one of the major factors in the upcoming presidential nomination regardless of who is elected.