Vaccinations could lead to harmful side effects

It has been said that vaccination shots save lives. But is this really the truth? Are vaccination shots worth getting? If one does not not feel comfortable getting vaccinated, should they have to?

Since vaccination shots are widely consider effective, it is a no-brainer for people to get this simple medical procedure done. About 80 percent of children worldwide are vaccinated against deadly diseases such as Polio, the flu and even cancer. Although there is evidence that vaccinations are not as effective as many people perceive them to be, they can lead to fatal side effects and contain harmful ingredients.

Jack Wolfson, a cardiologist at Wolfson Integrative Cardiology says that the children of the United States “have the right” to get infected.  This is true; the states do not own the citizen’s children.  The children of this nation, and the adults, have the ability to do what they wish with their health. This is supposed to be a nation of free will and independence.  After all, if there was an overwhelming desire for vaccinations to be mandatory, vaccinations would be required in schools and other state regulated facilities.

There have been many cases of children who were vaccinated and as a result, developed mental illnesses. Harmful ingredients are in vaccinations, such as fetal bovine serum, do not agree with everyone as common side effects include, fever, pain around the point of injection and muscle aches. Due to this, vaccinations may not be as universally helpful as many people think. Everyone’s body is different and therefore reacts to chemicals in different ways.

Americans have the right to choose which doctors they go to and to choose which medical procedures they would like to have performed. There is honestly no reason as to why vaccinations should be mandatory. It is part of our the democracy that makes this country a free land for all. The people in America are able to make their own decisions when it comes to healthcare. If the government would like to start paying for health care, then they can have more of a say in making vaccinations mandatory. However until then, it is an vaccinations remain a choice that Americans can make.