There will never be too many superhero movies

Superheros are still present in many movies

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Superheros are still present in many movies

Jonathan Cohen, Eastside Staff

With so many superhero TV shows and movies, there is a superhero for everybody. As such a beloved genre, even with a giant Marvel Cinematic Universe with Marvel TV shows and a DC movie universe with DC TV shows, there still aren’t nearly too many superheroes in the media.

Whether you’re biased to Marvel or DC, the two most famous companies of the comic industry, there’s no denying that the superhero genre can be exciting, dramatic, comedic, and so many other things all at once. The great thing about it is the flexibility; all that’s guaranteed is a superhero! That superhero can be funny, grim, nerdy, or maybe all three! The possibilities are endless!

To have multiple movies about classic superheroes is one thing, but it’s another thing to have a complete series of movies featuring different heroes. To then have all of these different heroes come together in a team-up movie is brilliant. Perhaps it would feel too overdone if these hero movies didn’t feel like a series, but frankly, the way that the moviemakers make the movies seem like pieces of a puzzle is genius. Every movie feels like a part of what will come to be an amazing and extravagant puzzle that we cannot wait to see the end result of!

In addition, lots of the alter egos of superheroes are very relatable. For example, Spider-Man is very relatable to a lot of kids because he, contrary to most other superheroes, is a kid. Spider-Man (pre-spider-bite) was just a normal teen with best friends and normal teenage situations. What makes superheroes so likable is how they are designed to be similar to a demographic of real people. Peter Parker, or Spider-Man was designed to be like normal teenagers. Barry Allen, or The Flash, before being struck by lightning, was designed to be like normal people with an everyday job. Clark Kent (besides the effects of, you know, being from another planet) was made to be like a man from a small town who just wants to help people.

There definitely aren’t too many superheroes in TV and movies! There is something about the different superheroes with their different personalities and powers that can attract anyone to join in on the fun! Frankly, the more people who are into the shows and movies, the more fun it is to watch them! If a new episode of “Arrow,” the hit CW TV show about the billionaire CEO/modern day Robin Hood, comes out on a Tuesday, then it’s more fun to have other people to talk about it with on Wednesday. Additionally, more heroes with new stories constantly keeps the genre fresh for us, the fans, to enjoy. It’s come a long way since the original superhero movie, “The Mark of Zorro,” back in 1920 and it’s doing pretty well. Clearly, they’re doing something right.