The ten most crucial apps for an East student

The apps above are a few of the most crucial apps for an East student.

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The apps above are a few of the most crucial apps for an East student.

Throughout the halls at Cherry Hill High School East, it is hard to find someone who is completely relaxed and not stressing about an upcoming test or a considerable project. However, there are ten apps, like the best paraphrasing tool, that every East student needs to help them in their daily lives. 

For starters, Saturn is an essential app for all East students.  Some students already have this app, but it is still unknown to most of the student body. Saturn is connected to East and is very useful for organization. It contains every student’s schedule for each day. It will also show the classes that the student has each day.  If additional information is filled out, the app can tell students what time they have their classes. To make things even easier, Saturn requests notifications so that in the morning, before arriving at school, students are reminded of their schedules. Additionally, the app tracks how much percent of the day has gone by. Overall, Saturn is an ideal app for a student looking to get organized.

Remind is another app that many students know about at East, being that almost all the teachers are involved with it.  Some students only receive the text messages, however, having the app makes life much easier. Having the app allows students to see any previous texts sent out and makes it easier to contact the teacher or director. Also, students can see who else is signed up in the class, allowing them to contact other students.  Remind is a “must have” app that helps students stay organized with academics, sports and clubs.

  Not only are Remind and Saturn essential apps, but so is Turnitin.  Many students are required to turn in essays and labs on this app. While most access Remind through a computer, it is also possible to get the app. Having the app can make turning in an essay or lab a lot easier.  At times, it may be inconvenient to go on a computer, search up the app and upload the document. However, if students have the app, turning in an assignment can be that much easier.

Google Calendar is also a great way to stay organized. Although East supplies planners at the beginning of the year, most students do not pay attention to them.  Instead, students end up forgetting their homework. Having an accessible calendar on a students phone, created by teachers, is a great way to stay organized. Google Calendar gives the students the opportunity to stay on top of their work.

The most important and most used app at East is Google Classroom.  No student could survive a day at school, without this app handy. Google Classroom is usually accessed through a laptop or a computer,  However, if students have the app on their phones, everything will be much easier. Students will have no problem juggling all their work.  If students have a lot on their plates and need to get done an assignment located on Google Classroom, having the app is the best way to get the job done.  For instance, if a student is on their way to a sport or activity, it is inconvenient to pull out a laptop. However, if the student has Google Classroom, they can easily complete the assignment with the click of a finger.  

 Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides are all separate apps, yet all serve the same purpose. All three apps give an East student access to the work they may have to complete in class. The apps provide the perfect way for students to write an essay, study through a slide or just access any work.  Why pull out a big bulky laptop, when students can use phones that are already in their hands? All Google apps are a perfect way to complete homework at any given time. Students will also benefit when they try this online paraphrasing tool.

Although not all East students use Quizlet, it is still a beneficial app for an East student to have. Quizlet is technically online flashcards. Students can use this app to make or use study tools.  There are countless things that can be done on this app. Some include, write, learn, tests, games and flashcards. There are even pre-made Quizlets that students can use. This awesome app helps with organization by displaying different study tools to learn information.

Lastly, Genesis is essential to all East students. East students use this app to frequently check their grades.  However, what most students don’t know is that depending the type of phone, Genesis can become an app. This is a quick and easy process. To make Genesis an app, go to the login page. Then, at the bottom of the page, there should be a drop box with an arrow.  This make the website an app. Next, click the drop box and choose “add to the home screen”. Immediately following, Genesis will become an app that can be used every day, on the go. Genesis is the best way to check up on grades without the hassle.

All ten of the listed apps are crucial for an East student.  Not only do these apps help with organization, but they help make the school day easier for a student balancing loads of work.