The SAT is a significant test for students to take

The SAT college entrance exam sparks controversy.

Sonia Kim

The SAT college entrance exam sparks controversy.

SAT score is one of the most controversial aspects of college acceptance. While some people believe that these test scores are extremely beneficial to the college application process, others believe they are unfair.

According to Ms. Rosanne Rocchino, a current SAT preparation teacher at Cherry Hill East, the SAT is a fair way to judge a student’s educational ability.

“I believe that the SAT is not so much strategy as it is reading comprehension and vocabulary,” said Rocchino. “It identifies whether a student is prepared to read the text.”

Rocchino also stated that the SAT is very important because it takes vocabulary into consideration.

As education has focused on vocabulary and grammar less over the years, the SAT reminds students that these life skills must not be forgotten as they shape the world around us.

However, one of the main concerns with the SAT is that it tests a student’s test-taking strategies, rather than testing their intelligence.

“Life is a test,” said Hari Asuri (‘15). “If you know the concepts in general but you can’t apply them, it doesn’t help you at all.”

In addition, if a person is very smart, the chances are that he or she will get a proficient score on the SAT, simply because he or she would know the material. Some students simply state that although the SAT is a great test, it counts for too much of a student’s college application.

“I think that [colleges] have always taken into consideration teacher recommendations and transcripts too,” said Rocchino.

According Harvard University’s website, Harvard values extracurricular activities almost as much as it values GPA and SAT scores. This shows that even though SAT scores do influence college’s decisions, there are so many other factors that may cover up lower-than-average SAT scores.

In some cases, many argue that people who can afford tutoring earn higher scores on their SATs. However, these accusers neglect to mention the countless SAT programs and classes available in many schools. Currently, there are also many SAT books that are available for under $20.

Although there are controversies concerning the SATs, everyone must agree that it should have some importance in college acceptance. What many opponents of the SATs neglect is the tradition it carries. These people forget the fact that the SATs have been around for about half a century. Therefore, as a tradition, the SATs should remain an important part of education and play some role in college acceptances.