The new meaning of summer

Adiel Davis, Eastside Staff

Summer. Long days of relaxing. Long nights of fun.  No bedtime. No homework. Beach. Suntans. Sleep-away camp.  No parents. The two months I look forward to… the other ten months of the year not so much.

Now that I am no longer a camper, summer has an entirely new meaning. Now that I am a counselor those long days of summer are even longer and slightly stressful. Those long nights are a lot less fun because I have to get up early to go to work, and when I get home I am thoroughly exhausted.

This drastic change in my life has given me a new perspective about summer. It is strange to think that this time last summer my biggest stress was, “What dress should I wear on Friday?”  Now I am focused on internships, my job, school work, and college.

Although this summer is difficult, I have no choice but to confront and prepare for the decisions that lie ahead.  I am quite skilled at doing all of the recreational activities that I want to do but doing what needs to get done has never been my strength.  How people could say no to the fun activities and focus on the important, was not in my realm of understanding until this summer.

I have learned  that most adults do not look forward to, or enjoy the summer, the same way students do. That working is… work and that summer can be more difficult than the rest of the year. This is the first time in my life that I am working two months for ten.

It is grueling to focus on first completing the “must do” before the “want to do” list.  It is taxing to learn about spending my money wisely. It is challenging to plan for the future instead of right now.

This camper to counselor transition has been arduous as well as rewarding. I have learned to become independent, and more responsible. While I also have the ability to positively influence my campers’ summers and lives like my counselors did for me.