The Horrors of the C-Wing Intersection

“It was terrifying,” said a student at Cherry Hill High School East. “Like a war. It’s what I imagine a war to be, at least. Kids bleed, they fight, they push… I think one even lost a limb once. It’s a horror no one wants to experience.”

The bell beeps. 8:27AM. The student checks their schedule.

With increasing fear and anxiety, they realize where their next class is. And they realize what it means: it’s time to prepare.

Backpack firmly on the student’s shoulders, head up high, they approach the battlefield.

Immediately, they are pushed around.

Thrown up against the lockers, the student is left defenseless as the more aggressive soldiers push by.

They can only watch in horror as bodies fall, littering the floor.

Eventually the field empties out, followed by the deafening siren of defeat – the bell.

The student is late to class.

Across the high school, students face this daily struggle: a battleground built on the principle of survival of the fittest. 

Only the luckiest will live to pass on their legacy. It’s a war. It’s a deadly but daily fight. 

It’s the c-wing intersection.