Terror gone profitable

9/11 is a date we all promise to never forget.  But when does remembering take a turn for the worst? Around the date this year, I expected the usual newscasts, videos, and pictures blasting TV. Who knew that what we would be faced with was merchandising? It seemed like everyone had a specialized product- the coin collector had decorative silver dollars, the historian had engraved plaques. So what took the tragic event to a level of humiliation that the Obama chia-pet provoked? One student Rachel Lisner recalls coming home to see her mother bought a 9/11 cookie cake. Stephen Colbert even featured some insensitive products that were sold, including beach towels and posters. Many of the products took on the buying premise of the Royal Wedding merchandise. You could buy Twin Tower decorative snow globes at department stores. Americans appear to be turning a day of tragic events into a holiday. While schools and workplaces are giving appropriate recognition to 9/11, stored are profiting from it. Lisner’s (12) mom believed the cookie cake was for Labor Day when finding it at her local market, but indeed, it was a sugar-coated 9/11 chocolate chip cookie. This year, Americans stretched their limit of remembrance and instead rode on the fine line of insensitive product pushing.  We have to learn that to “never forget” does not mean to “never sell out”.