Teachers should have the option to teach from home


Courtesy of View Sonic

Teachers don’t have the option to teach from home due to mandatory school guidelines.

During these uncertain times with Covid-19, Cherry Hill students have the luxury of learning inside their homes, but what about teachers? Under the current circumstances, teachers have to teach from their classrooms at East, despite poor internet connection and a higher risk of Covid exposure. If teachers could teach from the comfort of their own homes, it would bring convenience and safety to the teachers and students alike.

Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that I, as well as many other students, have been logged out of Google Meets several times or had disruptions relating to the poor internet connection at East. The WiFi can be slow at times, causing distractions from our much valued and limited class time. If teachers could teach from home, the WiFi connection would significantly improve, and the students could have smoother classes with fewer interruptions. Students must get the most out of their classes because there are only two and a half hours of each class per week due to the shortened schedule. If the virtual meetings can run smoothly, teachers will be under less stress, and students will receive a better education.

With every teacher in one building, another challenge presents itself: a higher risk of Covid-19 spreading. Even though teachers are in their classrooms for the majority of the school day, they still come in contact with each other throughout the day and have to wear masks. If teachers were to teach at home, they would feel more comfortable, safe and secure. Furthermore, I have had classes where teachers would wear their masks during the google meet, and understanding them posed a difficulty. Teachers would not have to worry about wearing uncomfortable masks if they had the option to teach in their homes and would not have to worry about coming into school for fear of getting sick.

Although there are many benefits to teaching at home, there would be several downfalls. At East, teachers have all of their teaching supplies, such as SMART Boards, computers, and full access to their classrooms with their materials. If teachers taught at home, all of these tools would become unavailable to them. However, teachers could persevere and become more flexible with their teaching methods like they already have. Another possible issue could be potential distractions in teachers’ homes that could prevent them from teaching to their full extents, such as family members, pets, loud noises, and more.

Although teachers won’t have the luxury of teaching in an empty classroom with no distractions, teachers’ safety is more important than minor inconveniences. Clearly, some of the negative effects pose a challenge, but nothing the teachers would not be able to handle. This year, they have already had to be flexible and work through the uncharted territories of online learning, proving that they are able to make the best of challenging situations.

Teachers play the most critical role in a student’s life: giving students the knowledge they need to accomplish great things in their futures. With that being said, should we really put their safety and well-being in jeopardy? In my opinion, no. Teachers need to feel safe and comfortable doing their jobs, so they should have the opportunity to work wherever they are most comfortable, whether at school or at home. Teachers should be allowed that choice, as they do so much for our community and deserve to work in a safer environment.