Students rely on digital technology during the pandemic


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The Cherry Hill School District provided Chromebooks to families that needed them in March, and people have continued to rely on them for academic purposes.

With this pandemic, people have become more dependent on digital technology, from Zoom calls to shopping online. Digital technology is also being used for the research on the coronavirus, in addition to the fact that digital technology has been keeping the world updated with new information, as well as raising awareness on the pandemic. With the school year in full swing now, digital technology is being used by both students and teachers for online classes and assignments. Even with the previous hybrid classes, students were required to bring their laptop to school and this is a great idea that will benefit both students and teachers, because even though some students were going to be in school, the rest of the students were going to be working from home. If hybrid students had paper assignments and remote students had online assignments, it would be too confusing for the teachers to grade both paper and online assignments.

However, it is important to acknowledge that some students may not have their own laptops, so they have to use the Chromebooks provided by the school. Personally, my experience with the Chromebooks provided by the school have been satisfactory. They give enough applications so that students can do their schoolwork, while also putting restrictions on certain websites — sites that students should not be able to access while in school, like going on YouTube and playing video games. As for what reason these students have to use the school Chromebooks, they may not have the money to have their own laptop. I think that it is more beneficial that the school pays for the technology because these students may not have the finances to have their own digital technology for school. Therefore, it is only fair that since the school is using digital technology, they should be able to provide it as well.

Though, I have realized that the school Chromebooks are a bit slow, but not so slow that they completely stop functioning. It can honestly depend on different aspects like the Wifi connection. It does matter to the students if the technology provided is fast or slow because if they are too slow, then the students could miss out on what the teacher is saying, and that could affect their performance later on. That being said, the Chromebooks are not a complete detriment to a student’s work and students should be able to complete homework and other such assignments proactively.

Overall, digital technology is becoming more and more beneficial to schools, and students may have to bring their own technology, because sooner or later, there will be a time where the school can’t provide for everyone and it will be more beneficial if the students had their own laptops.