Students leave school early in preparation for SAT test

In an effort to get last minute studying in, many of East’s seniors left early for Saturday morning’s SATs.

For early decision applicants, the October tests are the last chance to boost scores before the due dates. Regular decision applicants can put it off until November or even December, but students worried about a last chance to impress their first-choice college were not the only ones involved in the mass exodus of seniors sometime after fourth period.

Scores for the SAT Subject tests might be improved by last minute studying, but indulging in anxiety just before the regular SAT test usually does not help the test-taker. The key to taking the SAT is not to panic, and cramming the night before is directly contrary to this advice. The college application process is already a stressful one; it is silly of students to waste their time panicking about SATs when they could be panicking about something much more worthwhile, like financial aid.

SAT scores are, generally, only the second most important part of the college application. Students need to keep in mind that their transcript is the first thing a school looks at. Maybe then they’ll feel less inclined to skip school to prepare for a standardized test that, in five years, will mean nothing.