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School uniforms

sdfsdfHave you ever been judged by what you were wearing? Have you ever judged someone because of what he or she was wearing? Have you ever felt self-conscious about the clothes you wear or how they look? Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of having to pick out a new outfit every day for school. If you can relate to this, then consider the solution to this problem, school uniforms!

The main reason school uniforms are a plus, is because it can stop people from being judged and bullied. Not everyone in public schools comes from the same background and not every kid can afford designer clothes. So the student has to worry what others are going to do or say, creating an unnecessary stress factor. With school already as stressful as it is and with the unnecessary added stress of clothing and style, the end result could be life threatening. With uniforms, kids won’t have to focus as much on what they will wear or how they look; instead they could focus more so on school.

Boys being boys and girls wearing more revealing clothes now then ever, male students occasionally find their eyes wandering. Maybe you look across the room and all the colors catch your eye or the sayings and phrases on shirts distract you. If all students had uniforms there would be an even flow of a steady color through the room and your attention would be more focused on the teacher, a classmate presenting a project, or whomever the main focus of the class should be on.

If Cherry Hill High School East got uniforms, students wouldn’t have to wear a new outfit every day. Therefore students would only really need clothes for the weekend, allowing students to buy fewer outfits, which in the long run saves the student money. This will allow the student to buy more things he or she wants, or if the student likes shopping, then he or she can buy the more expensive clothes they really want since he or she only has to buy fewer outfits.

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One of the negatives  (and it’s really the only one) is kids can not express their individuality. This is really a small price to pay compared to the positive aspects of having uniforms. Maybe a way to allow a little bit of individuality is by having a “casual” Friday. Or maybe some days the guys can wear a different tie or different colored dress shirts and the girls could wear different colored neckties or ribbons in their hair. But then again, this could be a good thing too; students would have to express their individuality through their personality. Students will not get pre-judged by other students or teachers.

The reasons for uniforms outweigh the reasons against uniforms overall. School uniforms can relieve stress, keep students focused in class and save money, three things that schools have been struggling to overcome for a long time. Individuality is a small sacrifice to eliminate these three things.

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  • J

    jorge avilaDec 3, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    i think that wearing a school uniform can indeed reduce stress bc the person does not have to feel so worried about what thyuere waering