People should realize that they can become addicted to Netflix

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Sabrina DeAbreu, For Eastside

There are over 53 million Netflix subscribers all over the world, and over 36 million alone in the United States. Although Netflix might appear to be great, there are many downfalls.

Netflix gives every subscriber a chance to choose exactly what he or she wants to watch. Netflix offers a wide variety of TV shows to choose from so that every subscriber can find something that he or she wants to watch.

On the downside, because Netflix offers something for every subscriber, it gives that subscriber a chance to become addicted to a certain TV show. With Netflix, watching TV is so accessible and easy to watch hours upon hours of Netflix without even realizing it.

On average, Netflix users spend over one billion hours on Netflix a month. More than half of Netflix users are teenagers. So when is there time to do home work?  Students often get so caught up with watching a show on Netflix that homework has started to become a second priority.

Teenagers might argue that they can “time manage.” Their version of time management, including my own, would include studying for 10 minutes, watching two TV shows on Netflix and then study again for 10 minutes. This is no way to get work done in a productive manner, and many students have seen their grades start to fall due to to much time spent watching Netflix.

Netflix can be quite relaxing. It can seem very appealing to get in bed on a school night and fall asleep watching Netflix. However, falling asleep while watching TV is not healthy and students come to school every day looking sleep deprived. Students insist on staying up to watch Netflix when they could be getting a good night sleep.

Netflix can change your life for the better and for the worse. It is a great advancement in technology to have the world of television at your fingertips, but it is also so easy to get addicted to Netflix. So it is up to you; will you let Netflix take control of you?