Oscar Pistorius’s Valentine’s Disaster

On Valentine’s Day, the usual feeling of love was sadly missing as Oscar Pistorius murdered his long-time girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in their home in South Africa. As many questions continue to whirl around this tragedy, one remains quite controversial—whether or not Pistorius should have been granted the opportunity for bail. Despite the court’s decision to allow a bail of 1 million dollars, it seems that this opportunity is very unintelligent. Because Pistorius is a well known Paralympic star, he has assumed a large sum of money, thus allowing him to pay his dues to the court no matter the amount. As many may know, wealth does not guarantee wisdom and it cannot be assumed how Pistorius will behave outside of prisons or careful watch. It is not often that alleged murderers are so quickly given bail, and as such, Pistorius should not be granted any special rights; the law is not discriminatory when dealing with high-class murder cases, and the courts should therefore not treat this situation, special as it may be, any different from the similar recurrent cases. Moreover, the courts made a gargantuan mistake when they let Pistorius leave the courthouse without any security following him. The court seemingly placed so much trust in this alleged murderer that they found no reason to follow him home. It does not seem like the courts and government of South Africa are placing enough pressure on Pistorius and are thus allowing this alleged murderer off free, while those who have committed the crimes of the same magnitude are sitting behind bars. Now, we must wait until Pistorius returns to the courtroom in the coming months to determine his ultimate and deserved fate, whatever it may be.