Student Government should have meetings during school

Student Government holds its meetings during the school day, and one question is commonly brought upon us; why should SGA members be allowed to hold meetings during school? Why should certain students miss class for a meeting that could take place after school?

For one, a large percentage of Student Government members take part in other clubs and sports that take place regularly after school, this meaning that only a fraction of members would be able to attend meetings. This may not seem like a big deal, but in reality, it can cause a sort of a chain reaction. Our meetings run about 35-40 minutes and are jam-packed with information regarding upcoming events, reports from the Board of Education, and other aspects that can affect every student. This information is taken in by the homeroom representatives, and then relayed to every homeroom in the school. If only a fraction of members can attend meetings- that means the homerooms they are responsible for receive either little information, or no information at all regarding upcoming events and school wide updates. With meetings during the day, we can assure that almost every member will be in attendance and obtain full information.

Also, Student Government does not advocate missing important classes, as we inform members that they must have permission from their teacher to miss a class for a meeting, and cannot, under any circumstance, miss a quiz or test for a meeting or refrain from handing in any assignment due that day and period. Every member is also responsible for making up any work that he or she may have missed that period. Also, many other clubs and organizations take students out of classes with much less notice and more often than do SGA does.