Open lunch should be implemented at East

Getting told that students have a break everyday during school for about an hour, most people would get the impression that this means they can go do what they please for that hour, not to be confined in the school with an overflowing amount of children. Well, that chaotic place described is Cherry Hill East during lunch break one and two. Allowing students to leave during this time would be a positive change.

Knowing that so many kids at East can, and would, like to leave the school during breaks, makes it unnecessary to have all the students roaming around the school at this time. By allowing an open lunch, East would become a less cramped, more comfortable setting.

However, if the student leaves in the middle of the day without a parent or guardian and is under the age of 18, then the school is liable for them if, for example, they get into a car accident. But, the chances of this incident occurring are extremely slim. Nevertheless, this is one of the major reasons that schools started the “no leaving during breaks” rule.

Also, there are those students in East that would abuse this rule and leave East without coming back.

Students should only be leaving for these two lunch breaks, but it is also obvious that they need to be at school for a certain amount of hours for their attendance to count. Therefore, every Cherry Hill East student should be in school for at least four hours for the school day to count. These students, abusing the rule would not have enough hours in the day if they left during break and did not come back, making them absent for the school day.

Putting a sign in sheet with grade level would prevent students from simply ditching school for the rest of the day, making sure they get back in class and also allowing them to come back to school to fulfill their four hours.

Since school now starts at 7:30 a.m. instead of at 8 a.m., students will either not be able to get a good night sleep or will not have enough time in the morning to prepare themselves for school. Allowing students to leave during the breaks would give time for them to refresh and get ready for the rest of the day.

“This gives time for kids to rejuvenate for their afternoon classes,” said Brooke Miron (’16).

Letting students leave during the two lunch breaks would also give them more time to sleep in.

Grace Rosenblatt (‘15) said, “It would feel more like a break during the day and would give me more time in the morning so I wouldn’t have to spend time making a lunch.”

Letting students leave during the lunch breaks would create a neat, calm environment during this time of the day, instead of the hectic school it is now.