Make copies, reduce copying

Tests, quizzes and quests; every student has to take them. Some East teachers offer different copies of tests or quizzes to prevent other students from knowing the answers prior to taking the test. Yet, a large percentage of the teachers only offer one copy of the assessment. This gives students with classes later in the day a clear advantage, since people have spread the answers to test and extra credit questions, leaving the test a breeze for them. 

Because of this predicament, teachers will find that those classes later in the day will reach an overall higher grade because the answers were already publicized before they took the examination. Although some teachers believe that creating multiple variations of a test is unnecessary, teachers should offer more than one version of the test, because each student should be blind to the examination before taking it, which will ensure that their students understand the material. 

Since students earlier on in the day have an extreme disadvantage to those taking the test later on,  this would make the system fairer for the students who understand the material compared to those who want to ‘wing it’ hoping to simply receive the answers to their friends in other periods. Each test should be equal in difficulty and filled with the same material, only different problems. Thus, allowing students’ grades to depend on skill rather than their ability to socialize.