East’s system to add and drop classes should not change

Students have a multitude of different classes to choose from.

Courtesy of PrepScholar Blog

Students have a multitude of different classes to choose from.

The guidance system regarding the time it takes to drop a class and add a class at Cherry Hill High School East is effective and does not need to be changed. The deadline to drop or add a class is October 15 and the deadline to change the level of a class is November 17. The system is useful the way it currently is and works well for good reason.

Every teacher has a lesson plan to follow and students who miss class often result in that class’s teacher having to make up the information missed. It is fair to say that this is something that cannot totally be avoided; however, this shouldn’t happen to many students during the more stressful first marking period. If a lot of students are dropping and adding classes at any time, teachers would have to constantly make up more information, which would not be plausible.

“I dropped a class before October 15 and it was really simple,” says Naznin Rima (‘23).

Having to spend more time on problems such as these would most likely affect the time teachers spend on the majority of the class.

Changing the guidance system would also create confusion for the students. If the time to drop classes is changed, students may find it difficult to catch up with their new class. Moreover, the situation becomes more stressful due to the fact that it would not benefit the student to return to their original class, causing the student to be stuck in a dilemma where being in either class causes stress.

“I’ve never been unsuccessful [dropping a class],” says Rima. “It was pretty easy; my guidance counselor helped me switch.”

The current system encourages students to be sure when making decisions, allowing them to become accustomed to how many colleges and companies run their institutions and businesses.

One of East’s best qualities is that the school prepares its students well for college and beyond. Though East has many challenges for each student, it is beneficial for students in the long run. Most students who move onto a four-year college are able to keep up with coursework because East allows students to be prepared. Taking away current rules would be taking away East’s ability to ensure the success of its students in their future endeavors.

The New Jersey City University follows a similar system for dropping classes, as students may add and drop classes during a designated period to drop for each semester. This same system is also used by other New Jersey colleges such as Ramapo College and Stockton University. The current East guidance system to drop and add classes works for many colleges because it is reliable, understood, and clear.