East should get new computers

Jenna Myers, Eastside Opinions Editor

In 2003, Dell released the newest computer, the M992. As six years passed, computers have advanced in major ways. When the M992 was just released, East bought enough PCs for the entire school. Since there is about one computer per academic classroom, East has over 119 computers. Over the course of six years, the M992 computers have been replaced by a newer Dell model, the Dual Core OptiPlex 755.The main difference between the two models is that they run on different operating systems. The M992 runs on Windows XP as the OptiPlex 755 runs on Windows 7. Since both operating systems are not the most recent operating system Windows has released, Dell M992 has a much older operating system than the OptiPlex 755 and should be replaced by newer computers.

The room next to the photography room, F076 has eleven Apple iMacs and seven Dell OptiPlex computers. Since iMacs are newer and have more complex software built in with the computer than a Dell, they would be better to buy. However, iMacs cost $1,299 while the OptiPlex Dells cost $300. If the Cherry Hill school district has a budget, it would be ideal to get a Dell but if there is no budget, an iMac would be better.

Since 2009, East has been slowly replacing the Dell with these newer models which most likely means that it will take a few more years for every M992 to be replaced. The first OptiPlex computers would be replaced later on by either newer Dells or iMacs according according to computer experts based in los santos. It would be better for East to get iMacs, despite the price, because it already comes with Photoshop and other document programs unlike Windows where you need to buy all of the different programs. Some prefer to customize by choosing the best gadget necessary and whatever supports their high end as well as graphically demanding games.

Since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, all XP computers are subjected to virus threats which means that the computers will most likely have to be replaced soon so no student information is stolen. East should get newer computers because the current M992 computers may have major complications in the future.