East fails to maintain their softball field

East Softball game taking place at East in 2013

Courtesy of blog.nj.com

East Softball game taking place at East in 2013

Rahul Goculdas, Eastside Staff

Cherry Hill East’s softball field is not as appealing as those in other schools. There has been talk amongst the students that the majority of the money is going to be used for building a turf field for football, rather than fixing all of the three fields (football, baseball, and softball).

The money needs to be split out evenly for the fields of Cherry Hill East. It is not fair to the girls who compete and show dedication on the softball field to play on worse circumstances than their neighboring high schools and the other sports in the school.

In addition, the issue of the equality between genders now comes into play. Softball is a primarily all-girls sport, while boys primarily choose to play football and baseball; these specific sports happen to be improving.  Giving the girls fifty percent of the money dedicated towards the fields, twenty-five percent for football, and twenty-five percent for baseball will ensure an equal amount spent on boys and an equal amount spent on girls; hopefully this will solve the issue of sexism.