East administration should meet more actively with students


Alexis Rovner

The Cherry Hill High School East Student Government Association Office.

All students should be able to share what they envision for the school and what would make their experiences in high school more successful. That’s why most students feel their voices need to be heard and that they need to have a say in school decisions. 

It’s also why students elect a president, class officers, and class representatives for their grade each year. However, other than planning school dances and helping with spirit week, each grade’s student government generally lacks much responsibility. 

Each class should have class-wide meetings on a regular basis, where students can share ideas for both class and school-wide events and special programs. The student government would also be able to promote class fundraisers and its planned activities. Most importantly, it would provide students with a way to engage themselves in the future of school and openly share their opinions. 

After these meetings, the class’ student government should, after first speaking with their advisors, share the information they have gathered with the school-wide student government and the school’s administration. By doing this, each class’ officers have an opportunity to gauge how their individual class feels about both current and future school ideas and then offer them as feedback to others who can potentially help implement them to benefit the school.

Of course, there are some students that feel like their voices are already adequately heard.

With this solution, nevertheless, the voice of each grade will more effectively be in the hands of their elected officers. More students will be heard and the administration will be able to better understand student concerns.