Days 5 and 6 are not as bad as they seem

Brooke Greenberg, Eastside Staff

While the dreaded days 5 and 6 are taking place throughout the Cherry Hill High Schools, many students wish that they were still asleep. Waking up at the crack of dawn only to sit in a dreaded class can turn any school day sour. Especially in a dreaded class. Though students greatly dread days 5 and 6, little do they know that these days have more positives than they think.

While students often dread the core classes during the long days, they do not take into perspective the amount of material they are required to learn by the curriculum. Through short period classes, it is virtually impossible to cover all the necessary material. Writing essays, conducting labs and watching feature films in classes all contribute to the learning process in ways that would not be available if there was not enough time during the school day. Additionally, many tests need the full 90 minutes in order to be completed and it is much more convenient for teachers to administer these tests over one long day instead of two shorter days.

The benefits of days 5 and 6 are much greater than sitting in a class for half the amount of time to achieve maximum learning. With the rotating schedule of 3 short days and one long day per class in a cycle, it allows students to catch up on homework, ask more profound questions, spend time reviewing before a major assessment, take more time to understand the material and even have leftover time to complete any missing work.

Even though the block scheduling days at East are a very controversial topic heard up and down the hallways, rest assured that the district has a method behind the madness to achieve ultimate success for all of its students.