Curse words lose detrimental value

Louis Zimmermann, Eastside Staff

While strolling along the internet you may stumble upon videos of little children cursing, even though they have no clue what the words truly mean. It seems funny, with parents and siblings laughing in the video about a two-year-old cursing, but it is not. With the growing increase of the use of curse words every year, children and even toddlers know their first “four-letter word” by the age of two. A typical person would believe that the most common use of curse words would surround high school and college kids, however that is not the case. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Children begin to curse at two to three years of age and continue to use it throughout their elementary and middle school career, due to the repetition of what they have heard in their household. With the increase of using curse words in everyday speech, a person’s physiological state may be harmed severely.

About 0.7 percent of the words a person utilizes everyday is one of the multiple types of curse words.

In my opinion, as a young child adding curse words to one’s vocabulary may have seemed easy, but loosing the bad mouth mentality is not too easy to drop. Along with this, children gain their knowledge on curse words from their siblings, parents or the television where an extensive use of curse words may be found.

“It is becoming a lot more common among our generation because we’ve been so desensitized to cursing as if it’s no big deal,” said Hannah Lehrfeld(’19) when speaking about her thoughts on curse words.

It is also proven that most children know their first curse word before they know the alphabet. Curse words are so commonly used in public, around a household, and on electronic devices that children soak in bad language at every corner.

Allison Shapiro (’17) said, “ I think little kids discover curse words online, on their phones because now so many kids in elementary school have iPhones where they can search anything on the internet.”

In my opinion, the most striking detail about curse words is that adults laugh when children curse because they think that little kids cursing is enjoyable and silly. However, laughing at the child will encourage them to use the curse words more and more in his or her lifetime.

Middle school students are intrigued by curse words because of how many kids already use curse words in middle schools. Therefore, they commence in this action as well.

“People use [curse words] to use them and sound cool in a sense.” said Anaya Colon (’19) when speaking about middle school children.

Whether it’s used to relieve stress and anger or to fit in with the cool crowd, curse words are rising to an extreme high in usage amongst all ages. Curse words are detrimental to society and are not needed in everyday speech with a fellow friend or sibling.