Cherry Hill school district has the right idea with student Board of Ed representatives


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Student Board of Ed representatives are imperative for every school district and those that have them should be praised.

The role of student Board of Education representatives has always been a common topic of debate for students and adults in the community. Many students believe they deserve a voice in their community and their thoughts should be acknowledged and recognized. We currently have Board Of Education reps in our district but some are concerned with their role and their ability to vote on topics regarding the school district. Students at East believe they deserve to have a say in what happens within the walls of the building.

Based on the article “NJ Students Get Voice On Local School Boards Under New Law” published by, you can clearly see that research shows having student voices on local BOE’s can help improve schools and get students involved in governmental roles. But it also says it can help a board’s adult members to remember why they joined in the first place and keep them “accountable” to the children they pledged to serve. Adults can lead these meetings but sometimes we need a new voice and point of view to look at these topics on the agenda and make the right decision.

In my opinion, I believe students should have a voice in the local Board of Education and be able to vote on bills and decisions made by the BOE that affect our school district such as the decision that was just made regarding the mask mandate in school. The Board of Education decides what is taught and students should be able to voice their opinion on classes being taught and offered in school. Students make up our school and without them, our school wouldn’t be able to survive; they deserve a role in our Board of Education decisions.

It’s essential we have students and representatives attending board of education meetings so students can learn what it means to be a part of the board and learn how decisions are made. We need adults there to help lead and guide the students to make sure we are making smart and ethical decisions, but students should still be a big voice in the decisions and opinions of the Board of Education.
Bernards Township School District does not have student representatives and there is no real problem with that. Still, it restricts students’ ability to participate in their community and school district. We want to give students the opportunity to learn and have positions in government roles even if it is only local district government roles because students need to learn how to function and make decisions in the world outside of school.

The Board of Education is charged with providing a thorough and efficient education for the children of the Cherry Hill community and for developing policy to carry out that goal which involves making important decisions regarding subjects such as setting policies, establishing goals, and adopting yearly operating budgets for the school district. These and other matters are discussed during the monthly cycle of Board meetings. The Board of Education does not handle day-to-day operations but they handle issues bigger than just day-to-day issues. I believe we need representation on the board — students. Students are willing to get involved and the adults need to be willing to as well so we all can succeed as a community.