Cherry Hill East through the eyes of Wikipedia


Teachers have always warned students not to rely on Wikipedia as a reliable source of information, because anyone can edit a Wikipedia page and add false information to it. However, Wikipedia has information on almost every subject known to man, and, in some cases, can be an interesting resource. For example, Wikipedia has a page about Cherry Hill East. East’s page offers a look into the school’s history and facts.

For example, did you know that a grade fixation scandal occurred at East in 2007? At this point in time, online grading systems were just beginning to be utilized. Two students hacked into the board of education’s database and changed the grades of six other students in return for some money. This modification led to suspicious changes in East’s class rankings, prompting the school to investigate the matter. In January 2007, the two students were arrested and charged with third degree computer theft. They received probation after pleading guilty. 

The Wikipedia page also recognizes the social activism that has taken place at East. A section devoted to the February 2018 student walkout describes the student outcry following the suspension of a history teacher at East. The site also acknowledges the addition of the required African-American studies course and describes the process of how it came to existence. 

 Additionally, the site notably features famous alumni of East. The school has produced a number of successful musicians, athletes, thespians, and politicians. Andy Kim, a New Jersey congressman, and Yang Jin-mo, an Academy Award-winning film editor, are both featured on the page as alumni of the school. 

On the page’s art section, viewers can learn about East’s many extracurricular groups and the notable events they have participated in. The site even applauds East’s robotics team, distinguishing it as “one of the top programs in the state.” 

Overall, when scrolling through its Wikipedia page, readers can discover Cherry Hill East’s detailed past. However, it will for sure be more enthralling to see this page in ten years — to discover how East has further changed.