Cherry Hill East should require students to do Summer Internship Programs


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East should require students to participate in Summer Internships.

Melissa Kim, Eastside Staff

While many other schools help students prepare for their careers by requiring students to intern or participate in summer programs, East does not feel that this is necessary.

East students should be required to participate in interning programs so that they are more likely to be accepted into a better college and so that they are better prepared for their future.

One of the most important benefits of high school summer internships is that they offer students real world experience. There are many various fields of study that students can pursue. Students are able to discover and explore their area of interest and what they may want to do later in life.

Internships also help students gain valuable work experience. In most fields, a college graduate cannot land a self-sustaining job with just a bachelor’s degree and no prior work experience.

Interning builds students’ skills—it allows students to develop professional skills

that will become beneficial when interviewing for jobs later in life. Interning also helps

students stand out when they are applying to college. By choosing to intern, students are able to demonstrate to college admission officers that they are serious about their future.

A total of 4,769 college and high school students and more than 300 employers across the U.S. participated in a survey focusing on high school internships. This study released in February of 2015 showed that 90% of students agreed that high school internship programs can help get into better colleges.

Interning may be something that intervenes in a student’s preparation for the school year or summer plans. However, if students use proper time-managing skills, this should not be a problem. Many internships allow students to choose their schedule, and most do not last the full summer.

Although being able to enjoy the summer break from school is a vital part of a student’s life, interning is also a fun way to spend the summer while also learning and gaining experience of the real world.