iPhone 6s – a change for the better?

Ben Goldsmith, Eastside Multimedia Editor

Apple’s new iPhone 6s claims that everything has changed— Everything? I recently upgraded to the 6s+ from my 6+ to get in on all the hoopla.

iPhone 6s users experience new changes with their phones.
Elissa Cohen
iPhone 6s users experience new changes with their phones.

The biggest, most notable change comes with their new pressure-response screen. Apple made this new system out to more than it amounts to. Recent Apple commercials say it “let’s you pop into stuff”. Popping into stuff allows you to obtain quick access to apps without physically opening the icon. It has potential to be useful, but since the pressure screen is new for Apple it needs software upgrades. Only so much can be done, and it’s not all that ‘quick and easy’.

For example, the Messages icon: You can place your finger over it and press normally just to open it up. However, if you want to use the new feature, hold down and press harder than normal. The phone will release a vibration pulse, signifying you have activated the icon’s pop-up menu.

Upon your finger’s release, you’ll be faced with a white background with a few options listed outside of the icon. For Messages, it is the option to create a new conversation and directly open 3 of the most recently used text chains. If you think about it, simply opening the Messages app and proceeding to click on the designated conversation takes the same effort— If not, less!

Would you rather have one hard click and hold to open the pop-up and one click to get to a recent text or have one click to open up the whole app and another to start a new text or continue one?

This is solely why I believe an upgrade is needed to give this new feature value. Other applications on the phone can relate. And Apple has not yet reached out to many purchasable apps other than Instagram and a few others. But does this really make things better, or just different?

A few other changes can be found in the camera. After playing around with the capabilities, it seems like Apple has basically given the world a new way to capture moments.

Along with the usual ‘better quality’ scheme, the iPhone 6s camera now offers live pictures. Apple defines “live pictures,” in their commercials by stating, “They move now”.

This has lead much to confusion. And at first, that’s how I felt. Once I learned that there was more to it than what I had previously believed, I was sold.

Now you can have the quality of a still photo and the memories of a video. Photos can come to life.

To use live mode, click the top circle, ripple button that appears upon opening the Camera icon. The frontal cameras as well as the back have access to its wonders.

Once a photo is taken under live mode you can go into your photo album and open it. Then hold down with pressure on the picture. Your photo will be in motion, as it has captured 1 extra second before you took it and 1 after.

You can do a few things with this photo and my favorite is using it for your wallpaper.

Once you set it for your background, selected as a live photo, you can see the photo, as it’s your background— But now, you can click it and your memory of that moment gets reenacted.

This feature by Apple is one of the best on the new iPhone 6s.

The camera also makes it so the flash can be used for frontal camera pictures and selfies. Yes, that’s right. When you take a front camera picture with the flash on it the screen quickly flashes a bright ray of screen light, creating brightness for the shot.

But knowing Apple and their love for a simplistic user interface, the flash is the screen.

Have fun taking selfies in the dark, I guess!

Apple’s new iPhone 6s has some cool new features, although the pressure screen lacks simplicity, future software upgrades hope to improve the practicality of it’s usage. As of right now, there is not much to buy into if you decide to upgrade your phone. My best bet would be to wait for a new IOS software upgrade to occur, in the hopes that the pressure screen will be edited.

Other than Apple adding a new color, rose gold, and the additions of making the screen pressure-stimulated, making photos move and having the frontal camera flash as the screen, I would say “not much has changed.”