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Brett Favre’s retirement only temporary?

Here is a question that I can not seem to figure out. Did Brett Favre die or something? Sure this may be a bit of a foolish question, but I have good reason to wonder.

With all of the dramatic media coverage on his retirement, it sure seems like Favre has been placed “down under”.

I was watching ESPN earlier in the week, and during a Green Bay Packers press conference, Ted Thompson, the Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director of Football Operations, made a statement.

No way, the Packers will move on? I have to admit, I really did not think the Packers would move on after this dreadful, end of the world retirement of Brett Favre. In fact, I initially thought the whole team was going to be disbanded after the retirement reports were made public.

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Then, to feed my annoyance to an even higher level, I was given the pleasure of hearing some of the Green Bay fans’ reactions to Favre’s retirement. Their reaction was even more pathetic than Ted Thompson’s on behalf of the Packers’ organization.

One fan said, “Upon hearing about his retirement, my heart stopped, I cried.”

Wow, what has our world come to? Last time I checked, there are a few more dilemmas going on in today’s world that are more worthy of making you cry. (See Project Iraqi Freedom or Darfur Genocide for example.)

Being a sports fan myself, I guess I could somewhat relate to these sorrowful fans. I mean, I do remember when longtime Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson was traded away from my favorite team to the Denver Nuggets. That trade really hurt me, I knew the 76ers would never be the same, and I even considered crying. But then I remembered something very important; it is not my life that this trade has affected. I realized that I indeed had my own life to worry about. Maybe sooner or later, these Green Bay fans will realize that there are more important things to their lives than the life of a professional football player.

The funny part about this all is that I am banking on an annual Brett Favre “come out of retirement”. Why do I think this you may ask?

My answer: He has played the same game with fans and media over and over again.

Each time he allegedly retires, Favre has been all over the sporting news world. He has been able to watch and listen to all of his “lovers” that he does not know personally pour their hearts out to him, begging for his return. Eventually the fans get what they want when he comes out of retirement. Perhaps Favre gets what he wants as well by being all over the sporting world for several days.

Now before anyone calls me an ignorant sports journalist, please allow me to convey to all the readers that Brett Favre is indeed one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game of football. Notice I say “is one of the greatest quarterbacks,” showing my true belief that Favre will return to the NFL soon enough. Not only is he a hall-of-fame player, but he is also a first class act and joy to watch with his signature sprints around the field as a post-touchdown celebration.

But to all avid Packers and Brett Favre fans, please do everyone a favor. Even if this once-in-a-blue moon great is actually done for good, remember, the guy is JUST retiring. Let’s praise his accomplishments and remember him for all the good he did for the game. He deserves that. What he doesn’t deserve, however, is a reception that mirrors one held for a funeral.

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