Winter Concert begins tonight; 31 East musicians join South Jersey Orchestra and Band

With the Winter Concerts beginning tonight, it is important to recognize the accomplishments projecting through D-wing. All South Jersey Orchestra and Band (SJBODA) recently accepted 31 East musicians – 20 for orchestra and 11 for band – into their music program. The following students will be part of the SJBODA rehearsals and lesson groups (see below).

These talented instrumentalists were accepted out of the many students from all different high schools that registered for auditions. East holds the highest number of orchestra players accepted in SJBODA, and a substantial amount of band members, as well. This proof of talent makes it necessary to go see the Orchestra and Choir concert tonight at 7:30 and the Jass and Concert Bands tomorrow at 7:30. Best of luck to all the performers in the concert and SJBODA.
Lily Campbell – Oboe
Dahlia Klein – Bassoon
Dan Kim – Clarinet
Kristen Olenick – Clarinet
Joyce Pan – Flute
Tim Yoon – Clarinet
Dana Silver – Clarinet
Matthew Orwitz – French Horn
Matthew Plevinsky – Trumpet
Daniel Goldstein – Trumpet
KevinSchwarz – Piano
Katherine Baloff – Violin
Andrew Baloff – Violin
Alyssa Sohn – Violin
Vira Shao – Violin
Sujaan Joshi – Violin
Chelsea Chong – Violin
Jacqueline Nam – Violin
Ronny Fong – Violin
Lynn Takanashi – Violin
David Yang – Violin
Winnie Cheng – Violin
Jasmine Hwang – Violin
Tony Chen – Violin
Kelly Sadwin – Viola
Catherine Yu – Cello
Emily Hsu – Cello
Sunywon Oh – Cello
Grace Chung – Cello
Allison King – Cello
Jane Chang – Cello