“Whimsey” is a success

The production of “Whimsy,” a collection of 10-minute plays and films made by the Lab Theater was a success. The production, produced by Mr. Tom Weaver and advised by Mr. Pete Gambino, premiered on October 11th and 12th. It proved to be an extremely entertaining and enjoyable performance. Between the short films, improvising acts and skits, the cast presented a smooth performance that kept the audience laughing.

“This show was a great way to start off the year,” said Leon Pintel (’17).

The improv acts, directed by Patty Irwin, began when actors asked the audience for four random words and then had 4 actresses act out those words on the spot. Additionally, actors came up with an original version of Hansel and Gretel and asked the audience for emotions in which they added into their role-play. Overall, the improvisation acts were very well done and provided a hilarious addition to the overall production.

The skits included separate presentations including “Tollbooth,” “The Supers,” “A Theory of Little Men,” “Party of Three,” “Coaster of Doom,” “Trapped,” “Leslie and the Boys,” and “Lunch Date.” Each play was amusing as the actors portrayed various roles and depicted different settings for  each performance.

The short films, such as “Expectations vs. Reality” and “How Not to Ask Someone Out,” covered diverse topics. These videos included humor that the audience was able to connect with.

“It was a great experience that many cast members were able to grow from,” said Devon Leslie (’17).