When life gives you lemons, East students use them to compete for spirit week

Today, East students competed in Spirit Week Games in the cafeteria during their lunch periods to earn points for the grade. The competition was to “make” lemonade: eat one lemon, three spoonfuls of sugar, drink a glass of water, and then do five jumping jacks to mix it up. In third period, Mike Brambilla (’14) placed first, followed by Han Lee (’12), Dan Bendik (’13), and David Monk (’15). Monk originally placed third; however, because he did not drink the entire glass of water, he was disqualified, pushing Bendik up from fourth place. The fourth period winner was Ellie Trommer (’13). Nick Cavaliere (’12) came in second, Hadar Wollman (’15) came in third, and Therapon Georgieau (’14) came in fourth. Trommer and Cavaliere had tied but Mr. Davis, the director of the games, crowned Trommer the winner because she ate the pulp of the lemon, unlike Cavaliere. Fifth period followed with Jake Ruttenberg (’14) coming in first, Quinn Sanchez (’13) in second, and Dan Hagedorny (’12) in third. Sixth period saw a repeat of the junior victory with Gianni DeFrancesco (’13) coming in first place. Zack Barron (’15) came in second place, Sami Elkan (’14) came in third place, and Shaparis Chandler (’12) came in fourth.