Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall off the wagon: Red Ribbon Week this monday

Red ribbon week begins on Monday 25. To create drug and substance awareness, a specific activity is assigned to each day of the week to involve the student body. East in Action will host this year’s red ribbon week. The club organized free giveaways from Monday through Thursday and some of the giveaways include; sunglasses, t-shirts and lollipops. On Wednesday, the club will have a booth along with free items to give away to students set up during the lunch periods to help educate students regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Ms. Distefano, the main advisor of red ribbon week, hopes to make this event “a school function that creates as much [student] participant as possible.” Incorporating new ideas to generate more student involvement, on Thursday there will be a weeble scavenger hunt. Throughout the school, weebles, small furry figurines with wiggly eyes, will be hidden for students to find. Each weeble contains an important drug related fact. On Friday, students are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes to bring red ribbon week to a close.